Urban Core Advisors is a vertically integrated real estate firm that provides clients with access to a full suite of services focused on making their real estate assets more efficient, profitable and valuable.

The UCA Advantage


Our vast experience and understanding of the market gives us the vision to see assets that have tremendous underlying value and can be improved to extract their full potential.


Our market knowledge is a critical component for driving our decisions on what to buy, when to buy and where to buy.


UCA's asset management team provides decades of experience and market knowledge to provide an unmatched level of investment expertise.


Our team has an impeccable work ethic and the tenacity to spend as much time as necessary to uncover the right properties, at the right time, for the right price.



Our ProcessStep By Step


Our investment team does ongoing market research and site analysis to determine the best locations geared towards our investment strategy.


We perform site inspections and consult with general contractors and architects to identify property improvement opportunities and cost estimates.


We do extensive property analysis including underwriting property historical cash flow, three tiered income modeling, future cash flow projections and IRR and cash on cash return profitability models.


Our team underwrites the current tenants and reviews all current lease agreements to determine an appropriate credit grade of the property and identify opportunities for improvement.